Genessee Valley Receptions in Syracuse and Utica NY!

Town of Manlius PD Officer Jeremy Reynolds provided a motorcycle escort from our Rolling Hills campsite 124 out to the Green Lakes State Park entrance where eight more officers from four agencies were waiting to greet me!

Motorcycle Officer Jeremy Reynolds, Manlius PD

Left to right: Sgt Scott Bodah, Syracuse PD; Officer Adam Bezek, Manlius PD; Officer Chris Fuller, DeWitt PD; Officer Bryan Watkins, Manlius PD; Jeff Raub, NYSP Zone Commander N. Syracuse; Jim, Officer Kerry Wolongevicz, Manlius PD; Officer Brian Damon, Manlius PD; Officer Jeff Peckins, Manlius PD; Motorcycle Officer Jeremy Reynolds, Manlius PD.

Following the escort officer at Green Lakes State Park!

What a way to start the day!

Sincerest thanks to Syracuse PD, Manlius PD, DeWitt PD, NY State Police for a great send-off!

Next stop: Lock 20 Canal State Park near Utica NY, where I was greeted by another great group of supporters!

"Oops! I was on the wrong side of the canal!!"

Greeted by Anthony Picente, Jr, Oneida County Executive who presented me with a Proclamation denoting Sept. 14th as Concerns of Police Survivors Day in Oneida County NY!

The Proclamation: Concerns of Police Survivors Day in Oneida County NY!

Genessee Valley C.O.P.S. survivors at Lock 20 Reception: (left to right) Don & Carol Wyman, Judy Territt, Lauren Wyman, Zander Wyman, Lynnette Wyman, Brian Wyman (behind Lynnette), Ed Haley, Jim, Cindy Haley, Kathy & Dave Corr, Sherri Corr-Philipkoski holding Allie.

Meeting the Wymans. . .parents of Oneida County Deputy Kurt Wyman, EOW 6-7-2011.

Lauren Wyman and son Zander.

Meeting the Corrs, parents of New Hartford PD Officer Joseph Corr, EOW 2-27-2006.

Chief Michael Inserra, New Hartford PD


Left to right: Sgt. Richard Misterka, NYSP; Deputy Alicia Marconi, Oneida County Sheriff Dept.; Lt. Michael Teneyck, NYSP (behind Marconi); Sgt. Michael Kowalski, New Hartford PD; Chief Michael Inserra, New Hartford PD; Chief Mark Williams, Utica PD (behind Chief Inserra); Jim; Capt. Richard Antanavige, Oneida County Sheriff Dept.; Anthony Picente, Oneida County Executive; Sheriff Robert Maciol, Oneida County.

Certificate of Appreciation from Oneida County Sheriff's Office!

A farewell hug. . .

On this day we also remember Utica PD Officer Tom Lindsey, EOW 4-12-2007.

Quote for the day: “When the strength inside you becomes greater than the pain inflicted on you, you cease to be a victim and you become a survivor.” Lynn Mossbrucker, Surviving Spouse, Littleton CO.



Day 89: “Riding for Ray Day” – Lewiston to Waldoboro ME

Today’s Route:  196 to Bike Trail in Brunswick to back roads into Bath to Route 127 to Wiscassett to Route 1 to Waldoboro.

Today: 64 miles. Total miles: 4407      Riding time: 5 hrs 0 min
Elevations: Lewiston: 217′   Waldoboro: 72′
Total ascent: 3356’  Total descent: 3369’
Calories: 4028    Avg speed 12.2 mph   Max speed 44 mph

Started the day with breakfast at Fran’s Place in Lewiston. Then began “Riding for Ray Day” with a police-escorted visit to the location where Officer David Payne died, EOW 7-23-1988. Lewiston PD had erected an inscribed Memorial Stone on the spot where he died on July 21st this summer. It was comforting to learn that Ray and Barbara Payne had visited this spot this summer on the 24th anniversary of David’s death, about 6 weeks prior to Ray’s death on September 3, 2012. We dedicate today’s ride to David’s father and our friend, Rev. Ray Payne. Ray had been the Northeast Region Trustee for Concerns of Police Survivors for several years and was very active in the organization. After the death of his son, Ray focused his ministry on the law enforcement community.

Rode on route 196 to a bike trail in Brunswick. 196 had good shoulder all the way. Good share of fairly steep climbs today, the longest about a quarter mile, some at 9-10% grade. Route 127 and connecting roads to Wiscasset were narrow with no shoulder, but light traffic. Must have hit rush hour at Woolwich to cut-off at Old Stage Road for five miles was extremely busy with traffic and no shoulder. Much less traffic on connecting roads to Wiscasset. Had difficulty crossing Route 1 just south of Wiscasset with a steady line of cars in both directions.

With their permission, spent the night at Moody’s Diner parking lot by the pond in Waldoboro.

Gathered at the site of Officer David Payne's EOW 7-23-1988.

Memorial at Simard-Payne Park in Lewiston, Maine.

At the memorial. . .

Footbridge to Auburn at the park. . .

Relaxing lunch at Pedro O'Hara's after the morning's ride with Chaplain Chris Pomerleau and Sgt. Ullrich!

At Pedro O'Hara's. . .our wish for you!

With Sgt. Robert Ullrich, Lewiston PD. . .getting ready to move onward!

On the way to Waldoboro. . .

Quote for the Day: “Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.” Anon.

Day 91: Orland to Bar Harbor ME!!! We did it!!!

Today’s Route: Route 1 to route 3 to Acadia National Park Loop Road to West St. to Bar Harbor Town Pier! The End!

Today: 37 miles. Total miles: 4504     Riding time: 3 hrs 16 min
Elevations:  Orland: 197’    Bar Harbor: 83’      Atlantic Ocean: Sea Level!
Total ascent: 2410’  Total descent: 2484’
Calories: 2432    Avg speed 11.43 mph   Max speed 34 mph

Today’s ride took me through pretty country, particularly from Ellsworth to Bar Harbor. Road conditions were good – great shoulder along route 1 up to the southern end of Ellsworth, then no shoulder through town city streets with lots of tourist traffic for about 2-3 miles of careful riding; intermittent good shoulder on Route 3 all the way to Bar Harbor. Entered the Loop Road at Acadia National Park which took me to West Road and down to the town pier at West and Main in Bar Harbor. Ride was hilly with light traffic on Route 1 which got heavier as I approached Mt. Desert Island. Left Orland under cloudy skies around noon and got rained on lightly several times; ended the day with ideal biking weather.

A Great Ending to a Great Ride!!! At the pier in Bar Harbor, I was greeted by Jeanne and our friend Dave and reps from three area agencies: Sgt. Shaun Farrar and Officer Jacob Day, Bar Harbor PD; Maine Game Wardens Philip Richter and Eric Rudolph; and National Park Service Rangers Dave Smith and Robert Toler. Reporters from CBS and NBC TV in Bangor, Me were also there for a “finale” interview! Had good, easy access to the beach to dip the front wheel of my bike in the Atlantic Ocean!

Ironically, another couple watching the “finale production” at the pier turned out to be from Bethlehem PA, where I was the Chief Probation Officer back in the late 60′s! It truly is a small world!

Drove back to Costigans in Orland for a dual celebration dinner: Myrtle’s birthday (Flora’s sister) and the completion of Oregon to Maine for C.O.P.S.! Flora makes the best crab rolls in Maine! Being in the company of good friends to end the ride really made this day special for us!

From beginning on May 25th to ending today on October 1st, it was a great ride! I may even do it again – but would consider taking a different route to see more of the country!

Hmmm. . . . . . . . . .

Leaving Orland on the last leg of my Oregon to Maine journey. . .

"Maybe I can catch him!"

On the Loop Road in Acadia National Park. . .

Spectacular view of the harbor from the Loop Road overlook!

With my good friend Dave Costigan!

Dipping my front tire in the Atlantic Ocean to officially end the trip!

Media interview with NBC and CBS affiliates from Bangor ME!

A look of contentment. . .

Left to right: Jim; National Park Service Rangers David Smith and Robert Toler; Maine Game Wardens Philip Richter and Eric Rudolph; Officer Jacob Day and Sgt. Shaun Farrar, Bar Harbor PD.

Officer Jacob Day, Bar Harbor PD, completes the TV interview!

What a setting for an ending!

With friend Dave, looking toward the future! I wonder what's next???

Stay tuned for the the next leg of the journey. . .

Quote for the Day: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”
Robert Frost (1874 – 1963) from “The Road Not Taken”

Day 90: Waldoboro to Orland ME

Today’s Route: Route 1 to 90 to city streets to Camden to Rte 52 to Belfast to Rtes 1 & 3 to Orland.

Today: 60 miles. Total miles:   Riding time: 5 hrs 15 min
Elevations:  Waldoboro: 72’  Orland: 197’
Total ascent: 3837‘    Total descent: 3664
Calories: 3784    Avg speed 11.31 mph   Max speed 33 mph

Lots of climbing today, as evidenced by the total ascent and descent figures above! Some at a very steep 10% grade! Route 52 is one of the worst, if not the worst and most dangerous, road I’ve been on all across the country. Several locals have expressed surprise that Adventure Cycling routes cyclists on that type of road – absolutely no shoulder, bad pavement, and a constant up and down grade – when “a better route is available!” (a phrase we often hear from our truck’s GPS!!)

After breakfast at the diner, I headed out for Orland. Jeanne stayed behind and checked out Moody’s Gift Shop where she heard an incredible survival story from clerk Cynthia Hilton: Cynthia’s grandson-in-law, an officer with the Waldoboro PD, was intentionally run over by robbers at a roadblock a few years ago and severely injured. After an intense recuperation period, he continues to work for Waldoboro PD. Also had an interesting conversation at the gift shop with Lt. Bruce Pollei, Utah Highway Patrol. It’s amazing how many people connected to law enforcement we have met all along the way!

Really glad to finally arrive at our friends’ home in Orland, Maine, where they had dinner waiting! One more riding day from here to Bar Harbor! Dave and Flora Costigan, longtime friends from our old hometown area of Ballston Lake, moved back to the Orland area about 10 years ago. They’ve been getting the word out locally about the ride and we were greeted by a great sign at the Grindle Insurance Agency on Route 1 in Bucksport (see pic)!

Jeanne went on ahead and parked the trailer at Costigans, after which she and Dave met up with me in several spots between Searsport and Orland for photo ops!

Legendary Moody's Diner in Waldoboro, ME!

Boondocking by the pond at Moody's Diner!

Cynthia Hilton, clerk at Moody's Gift Shop - a shop not to be missed if you're in this neck of the Maine woods!

Another great gift shop across the street from Moody's Diner!

Angels at Burnham's!

Took this pic at Burnhams today and then saw the same quote on the wall at our friends' house in Orland!

More fall blooms!


Jim and friend Dave Costigan from Orland!

Crossing the Penobscot Narrows Bridge into Verona! Cool bridge!

Welcoming us to Bucksport ME! Thanks to Grindle Insurance!!

Not yet! Three more miles to go today!

Arriving at Costigans!

Idyllic Maine setting - our last camping site on this journey! Great to be with friends!

Quote for the Day: “I have always known that at last I would take this road, but yesterday I did not know it would be today.” Narihira

Day 88: Naples to Lewiston ME

Today’s Route: Lots of small back roads! Confusing at times!

Today: 31 miles. Total miles: 4343  Riding time: 2  hrs 52 min
Elevations: Naples: 315′        Lewiston: 217′
Total ascent: 2769’  Total descent: 2721’
Calories: 2086    Avg speed 10.72 mph   Max speed 28 mph

Road conditions today were atrocious – narrow roads, no shoulders, crumbling and broken pavement. Moderate traffic moderate, including numerous trucks. Was glad to complete today’s ride and get off the road. Lots of extremely steep climbs. Not particularly scenic. Not sure why Adventure Cycling chose today’s route.

Parked at South Lewiston Baptist Church parking lot with 30 amp electric for the night. Youth pastor and police chaplain Chris Pomerleau recommended DaVinci’s in Lewiston at a refurbished old mill for dinner – great choice! Lewiston is an old mill town with several of the huge old mills in the process of being refurbed into lofts, stores, and affordable housing. Lewiston has some beautiful old buildings, including the Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul.

Historic Penleys Corner Church and Cemetery

Vintage scooters at DaVinci's in Lewiston!

Interesting lighting at DaVinci's Bar!

Vintage Whizzer at DaVinci's

Beautiful replica of the Whizzer hanging over the bar!

Downtown Lewiston

Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Lewiston - largest church in Maine!

Quote for the Day: “It’s easier to do a job right, than to explain why you didn’t.” Anonymous


“Riding for Ray Day” in Lewiston Maine

We dedicate this day and today’s ride to the memory of our friend Rev. Ray Payne who passed away on September 3rd from complications arising from his extended period of volunteering at Ground Zero after the collapse of the Twin Towers. One of the many “uncounted victims” of the attack on the World Trade Center, Ray ministered relentlessly to the workers at Ground Zero and paid the ultimate price.

Police escorted us this morning to the site where Ray’s son, Officer David Payne, Lewiston PD, died in the line-of-duty on July 23, 1988. Several Lewiston PD officers and two reporters were gathered there to greet us at the stone memorial erected on the site this summer on July 21st. David’s parents, Ray and Barbara Payne, visited the site with the newly erected memorial stone two days later on July 23, the 24th anniversary of David’s EOW. Ray passed away a few weeks later in Glens Falls NY on September 3, 2012.

After visiting this site, Jim then rode his bike with police escort and entourage to Simard-Payne Memorial Park where we visited the Police Memorial erected in honor of the two Lewiston officers who have died in the line-of-duty: Paul Simard and David Payne.

Getting ready: Officer Patrick Griffin, Jim, Chris Pomerleau, Sgt. Dave Chick

Beautiful Memorial Stone for Officer David Payne at the site of his EOW.

Left to right: Sgt. Rob Ullrich, Chaplain Chris Pomerleau (rear), Officer Jason Johnson, Sgt. Joseph Bradon (rear), Jim, Jeanne, Motorcycle Officer Patrick Griffin, Ivan Boudreau (PD, Retired), Sgt. Brian O'Malley, Officer Desiree Michaud.

Getting ready for the ride to the Park Memorial

Better give that bicycle a head start up that hill!!

Beautiful Memorial at Simard-Payne Park


Officer David R. Payne

Sgt. Rob Ullrich, Jim, Sgt. Dave Chick. Both with Lewiston PD.

Footbridge to Auburn - sister city to Lewiston

Sgt. Ullrich, Danielle Waugh with TV6, Officer Griffin, Chris Pomerleau at the park.

Great clam chowder and sweet potato fries at Pedro O'Hara's - owned by a retired Lewiston Police Chief! Thanks for a great lunch!

Sign says it all!

Police Memorabilia at Pedro O'Hara's!

Patches at O'Hara's!

Owner and grandsons!

An Irish blessing for you!

Back at S. Lewiston Baptist Church - packed up and ready to go!

One last photo with Sgt. Rob Ullrich - many thanks to Rob for coordinating today's events for "Riding for Ray Day!"


Day 87: Conway NH to Naples ME

Today’s Route: 113 to 5 to 93 to 302

Today: 43 miles. Total miles:   Riding time: 3 hrs 37 min
Elevations: Conway NH:    Naples ME:
Total ascent: 2966’  Total descent: 3232’
Calories: 2738    Avg speed 11.8 mph   Max speed 30 mph

Passed through several small towns. Roads mainly without shoulders and light traffic. Pavement was in deplorable condition on several of today’s roads with broken, crumbling pavement and some holes. Quite a bit of climbing, some up to 9% grade.

Hit a construction site with one-lane traffic and a flagman on a steep hill. After the flagman waved me through and the cars piled up behind me going 6mph, I decided to move over onto the new blacktop. A bit later, the worker running the roller hollered out: “I wouldn’t do that if I were you – that blacktop is 380 degrees! I saw a bicyclist fall recently when the heat from the blacktop blew out her tire.” Shortly thereafter, the flagman at the other end  told me to get back on the new blacktop so he could get his cars moving from the other direction!!! Oh well!

Scenic ride with several photo ops. Good weather – a little cool at times with temps between 50-60 degrees; rain threatened but didn’t materialize.

Camped at Naples Campground in Naples NH. Owner gave us $5 off the Passport America rate of $25/night. Great campground with over 100 sites and nice showers.

My 14th and last state!!!

Fryeburg Academy

Rusty old tractors in a field!

Along the way. . .

Interesting scarecrow!

Now that's a unique Maine scarecrow!!!

Been there a l-o-n-g time!

Quote for the Day: “Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” Anonymous


Day 86: Lincoln to Conway NH

Today’s Route:  Kancamagus Hwy over the Kancamagus Pass (Elevation 2855’)

Today: 32 miles. Total miles:   Riding time: 2 hrs 40 min
Elevations: Lincoln:     Conway:
Total ascent: 1955’  Total descent: 2998’
Calories: 2073    Avg speed 11.73 mph   Max speed 29 mph

Climbed six miles from the campground, including 3.5 miles at 9% grade, to the top of the Kancamagus Pass. Useable shoulders were available about a third of the distance; the other two-thirds had deteriorating pavement near the edge of the road – needed to be careful about potholes and broken/crumbled macadam. Followed the Merrimack River on the descent with various scenic views along the way. Considerable Sunday traffic – many motorcycles out for one last ride!

Fall foliage along the Kancamagus is beautiful! Many gorgeous views of the mountains all around. The Kancamagus Hwy opened between Lincoln and Conway in 1969.

U.S. Forest Service Historical Marker Info: Who was Kancamagus? Kancamagus, The Fearless One, grandson of Passaconaway, succeeded his uncle Womalancet, about 1684 as third and final “Sagamon” of the Penacook Confederacy. He tried to maintain peace between the Indians and whites, but harassment from the English aggravated this hot-tempered chieftain until he let loose the furies of war, causing much bloodshed. The tribes of the confederacy became scattered after 1691 and Kancamagus, with his followers, moved either to northern New Hampshire or into Canada.

Camped at Eastern Slope Camping Area campground on the Saco River. In bed by 8:30pm – really tired!

Beautiful campsite at Big Rocks National Forest Campground at western end of the Kancamagus!

Some challenges are harder than others!!

"Now if I can just get out of this campsite without hitting that boulder!"

Beautiful foliage along the river. . .

Kancamagus colors!

Made it to the top of the Kancamagus Pass!

"9% grade for 3.5 miles! No wonder I'm tired at night!"

Along the way. . .

Colorful White Mountains in the fall. . .

Another view of the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire!

I did not know that!

Quote for the Day: “The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves.” Helen Keller

Day 85: N. Haverhill to Lincoln NH

Today’s Route: Route 116 to 112 which becomes the Kancamagus Highway.

Today: 32 miles. Total miles: 4237  Riding time: 3 hrs 19 min
Elevations: N. Haverhill:      Lincoln:
Total ascent: 3330’  Total descent: 2270’
Calories: 2239    Avg speed 9.4 mph   Max speed 32 mph

Significant climbing today combined with a stiff headwind. Route 112 climbs to an area near Mt. Moosilauke, a crossing for the Appalachian Trail. Then a fast, steep run down into North Woodstock NH. Stopped at the White Mountain Visitor Center. Road conditions were poor for the first ten miles on  route 116 – no shoulders and the sides of the road are in poor repair with lots of cracks and missing chunks of pavement. The next part of the trip was on a well-paved road which took me up to the summit. Unfortunately the chipped stone and tar pavement makes for a rough ride.

Got a late start today after going into town for breakfast and doing the laundry at the campground. Refilled our freshwater tank and dumped at the campground, but the late start got us into Lincoln around 4pm. Decided to start up the Kancamagus Highway and got as far as the Big Rocks Campground. Another 6 miles of climbing tomorrow to reach the pass at 2855’.

Lots of traffic in North Woodstock and Lincoln due to the 38th Annual Highlander Games Celebration – cars and people everywhere! Saw a “cop in a kilt” directing traffic at the Games – now that’s something you don’t see every day!

Fall foliage much prettier and more colorful as we travel further north. Now seeing more yellows and reds mixed in with the browns! Some gorgeous mountainous country here in central New Hampshire – another “come back to” area! Lots to see and do in this neck of the woods!

Jeanne traveled up through the Connecticut River Valley on Route 302 to Littleton and stopped at an Arts & Crafts Festival in the little town of Lisbon – bought some handmade dark chocolates and honey-oatmeal soap! About 15 vendors with a variety of talents – felted wool items, photography, braided rugs, homemade candy and baked goods, handwoven tiny baskets, and more. Spoke with the local police chief and several vendors about C.O.P.S. Headed down I-93 to North Woodstock through Franconia Notch State Park where the interstate becomes two lanes for several miles (one lane in each direction) with parking areas for hiking along the way. Beautiful foliage! Many cars in the parking lots. She met up with me at the White Mountain Visitor Center.

Camped at Big Rocks National Forest Campground on the Kancamagus Highway, about 8 miles east of Lincoln NH. No hookups. $10 with Senior Pass. Beautiful, large sites in bear country! Saw signs all day for bear, deer and moose crossings!

"On the road again. . .I wonder where we're going today!"

Beautiful River Meadow Campground on the Connecticut River!

Fall flowers!

At the Lisbon Festival!

Lisbon crafters - he makes rugs, she makes chocolates!

Artisan Sara Boothman making tiny baskets!

Entertainment at Lisbon Arts & Crafts Festival!

Lisbon Memorial Park

White Mountains Visitor Center and beautiful Gift Shop!

Campsite at Big Rocks Forest Service Campground east of Lincoln NH

Lots of signs for moose, deer and bear crossings!

Beautiful fall foliage in New England!

Nature's best!

There's something about water. . .

and vibrant fall colors!

Quote for the Day: “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything.” Hand-quilted wall hanging at the Lisbon NH Arts & Crafts Festival

Day 84: Royalton VT to Haverhill NH

Today’s Route:

Today: 54 miles. Total miles: 4205    Riding time: 5 hrs 2 min
Elevations: Royalton VTL 492‘    N. Haverhill NH:
Total ascent: 4193’  Total descent: 4045’
Calories: 3557    Avg speed 10.72 mph   Max speed 33 mph

Today’s ride was on 2-lane, narrow roads, most without shoulder. Shoulders that did exist often had crumbling pavement. I’m finding the roads in New England are both dangerous and in poor condition with drivers less willing to move over and often driving beyond reasonable speed limits for the road condition and terrain. The Adventure Cycling map routed me onto Route 132 in VT which was a dirt road, climbing up to 8% grade for six miles.

The town of Strafford is a bucolic New England community with beautiful buildings. Found myself stopping too often to photographic the handsome churches, town halls, and homes.

Climbing today was more than I anticipated and tended to be steep on narrow, shoulder-less roads. Granny gear came in very handy on some of the steeper climbs!

Folks I met along the way were friendly and helpful. Leaves are just beginning to turn here in New England – a little early according to the locals. Colors are muted, mostly brown, at this point in the process.

Camped at River Meadow Campground on the Connecticut River in North Haverhill NH. They gave us $10 off the $47 rate! Beautiful setting on the river.


Great gift shop in Fairlee VT!

"I can't believe she locked her keys in here with me! Good thing the windows are down a couple inches and it isn't too hot!"

"Ah! Chief Kilmer, Orford NH PD, to the rescue with his handy door opening gadget!"

Interesting historical marker - deeded as common land and can never be built upon!

Another beautiful New England church!

Sign in Orford Post Office - opened when JFK was president!

New England Church

Beautiful New England setting. . .

Strafford Town House info. . .see next pic

Strafford Town House - Town meeting held here every March since 1801!

My Shadow in the Pavement!

Birthplace of Justin Smith Morrill - Senator for 43 years - author of the Morrill Acts, signed by Abraham Lincoln in 1862, establishing our land-grant colleges and universities!

The Morrill homestead.

Horses along the way. . .

Covered bridge. . .

Another beautiful New England building!

Quote for the Day: “Wisdom: the art of knowing what to overlook.” William James